Our accommodation comprises of thirteen luxury rooms, each offering its own ambience and character. All rooms can accommodate single or double accommodation.
Family rooms are available on request. All bathrooms have a shower, except room 3 which has a bath & shower. Dinners on request. 

*Please take note that we are not pet friendly.

Room noRoom TypeBath or showerOutside doorA/CBar fridges Television & DSTV 
Room 1Staff Room Shower YesYesNo Yes 
Room 2Queen size bed Shower YesYes Yes Yes 
Room 3Queen size bed  & sleeper couch (Double) Shower & Bath YesYes Yes Yes 
Room 4Two single beds ShowerYes YesYes Yes 
Room 5Two single beds ShowerYesYes Yes Yes 
Room 6Queen size bed ShowerYes Yes Yes Yes 
Room 7Queen size bed ShowerYes Yes Yes Yes 
Room 8Two single beds ShowerYes Yes Yes Yes 
Room 9Queen size bed Shower Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Room 10Self catering – Queen size bedShower Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Room 11Self catering – Two Single BedsShower Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Room 12Self catering – Two single beds Shower Yes Yes YesYes 
Room 13Self catering – Queen size bedShower Yes Yes Yes Yes